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Listening to a presentation and learning new information is one thing, but taking action is where results come from! These presentation notes will give you easy access to the main takeaways from each presentation for a quick refresher anytime you need it and action steps to help you implement what you learned.

Plus $2292 Worth of Premium Bonuses - details below!

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Rock Your Routine Masterclass + Workbook

Ashley Brown

Elevate your time management with the Rock Your Routine Masterclass + Workbook – your ultimate guide to crafting simple, enjoyable, and personalized routines. This step-by-step masterclass helps you identify your ideal routine, tailor it to your home, and provides the tools needed for consistent success – a reusable process for transforming your daily life with intention and ease!

Mastering chaos course

Nora Conrad

Unlock a transformative journey with the Mastering Chaos Course – gain over 5 hours weekly through sustainable routines. Elevate your environment, reshape your mindset, instill healthy habits, and master the art of building lasting routines.

1-Month Free in The Supermom Society Membership

Lori Oberbroeckling

Join The Supermom Society for a monthly infusion of powerhouse productivity strategies, renewed energy, and empowering support, all wrapped in a bow of accountability. Unleash your full potential as a mom and elevate your journey to greatness!

Guide to Designing Your Weekly Family Meeting

Jessica Eastman Stewart

Unlock the secrets to successful family meetings with this comprehensive guide. Discover the significance of this weekly ritual, along with practical tips on timing, topic selection, and avoiding common pitfalls. Plus, kickstart your journey with a ready-to-use worksheet and checklist!

Your Future Self lessons

Shawna Scafe

Uncover the influence of your past experiences and self-identity on your future, then take charge by focusing on one key area for a transformative experience. Plus, enjoy an exclusive discount on personalized 1:1 coaching sessions for an even deeper dive into your journey of self-redesign!

How To Get Unstuck and Thrive At Home and Work

Whitnee Hawthorne

Unleash your full potential with a simple 4-step system designed for working moms seeking balance across all 9 areas of life. Clear your plate, pursue your desires with a focused heart and mind, and embrace a life of clarity and fulfillment.

1-Month Free in the Get Stuff Done: Goals Group

raisa williams

Elevate your goals, big or small, within our supportive community. Gain monthly positive reinforcement and encouragement, making it easier to stay on track with your aspirations.

Confident Mom Trellotastic Power Pack

toni-ann mayembe

Upgrade your mom life with the Confident Mom Trelltastic Power Pack – a Trello bundle featuring customizable boards like Cleaning Schedule, Meal Planning, Home Management, Self-Care, and My Journal. Each Trello board includes a tutorial on how to customize the board for your life so that you can transform chaos into a streamlined and empowered mom life!

Mind Over Marathon Ebook/Audiobook Bundle

Gabe Cox

Embark on a transformative journey with Gabe Cox’s inspiring book bundle, filled with thought-provoking questions, faith devotionals, and immediate practical applications. This bundle is your guide to igniting passion, clarifying your unique game plan, and building confidence in the gifts bestowed upon you by God.

Love Your Mum Life e-book

Elyse Rooney

Take back control from the overwhelm of your never ending to do list. This e-book will help you to discover the areas in your home that are causing you the most stress and guide you to implement home rhythm solutions to bring back order and calm into your home.

Routine Queen Challenge

lisa autry

Routine Queen is a 3-week program with 5 customizable challenges to help you craft your perfect routine with rhythms and systems that work uniquely for you and your family. Through actionable video lessons combined with a pop-up Facebook group for accountability and group coaching moments from Lisa, you’ll walk away with tailored time management strategies based on your chronotype and lifestyle to maximize your productivity in a way that suits you best.

Productivity Power Pack

Eva McManmon

The Productivity Power Pack templates will make your home and work life so much easier by helping you get things done fast instead of always starting from scratch. This Power Pack includes over 10 templates to help save time and streamline tasks at home and at work.

Time Well Spent: A Goal-Driven Workbook for Optimizing Your Week with Google Calendar

Genise Fernandez

This workbook will help walk you through evaluating your available time and what you want to accomplish with it. The workbook helps to set you up with an outline that keeps your goals in mind as you sit to fill in your perfect week on Google Calendar.

Thriving Life + Biz Weekly Planning Template

Ria Sanchez

Now you can organize your life and business every week with ease! This list template will help you streamline tasks, map out your marketing plan for the week (and know the ‘why’ behind your messaging and campaigns), set clear priorities you can see at a glance, reclaim valuable time, and live each day with intention.

Sunday Prep Workbook+

Toni-Ann Mayembe

The Sunday Prep Workbook+ is designed to streamline your weekly routine and maximize productivity. With its user-friendly layout and practical features, this workbook will guide you through planning, organizing, and executing your week with ease. In addition to the workbook, there is a video tutorial walking you through the steps so that you can step into a new week feeling prepared, in control, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

your cycle 101

ranae fieck

Unlock the secrets of your cycle with our exclusive 10-day audio training series. Dive deep into the ins and outs of your cycle, discovering valuable insights that empower you to leverage its impact on your life. Start harnessing the power of your cycle today for a more balanced and empowered journey.

Clear Your Mind Clutter Workbook

alicia cohen

The “Clear Your Mind Clutter Workbook” is your guide to transforming a cluttered mind into a focused powerhouse, enhancing your productivity and task management. Uncover the barriers hindering mental clarity, explore 5 crucial mindset shifts, and engage in 20 reflection questions and exercises. Elevate your mental state from scattered to calm, setting the stage for enhanced effectiveness in your daily life!

Mom With Confidence

Nikki Oden

In two PDFS, you get an easy way to keep things from slipping through the cracks; a simple prioritization method so you get time to do more of what you want; an approachable way to set personal and professional goals and actually crush them; a proven system to help you stay on track, exercise and get dinner on the table. Get this keep-it-together system designed specifically for super moms like you.

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The VIP Pass is only available through February 28th, and after that it will not be offered again. Click here to upgrade your ticket before it goes away for good!

We are not able to offer discounts, but know that you are getting an incredible value, even if you have several of the speaker bonuses already. 

The value of the VIP Pass is over $1000 and even if you only signed up for 2-3 of the speaker bonuses, you’d still be saving compared to buying them at regular price!

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, we are not able to offer refunds for any reason. Please look through all the details before you purchase and email hello@realhappymom.com with any questions you have!

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